When Swiss drummer and sound artist Simon Berz rode his bike across a field of stone in the French Alps, he was immediately taken by the sounds the stones produced. He took some of them home to create a lithophon, which he then amplified and manipulated with electronic effects. As he scratches and strokes them or uses different sticks and materials to hit them percussively, he creates a dense and unique performance.

In Japan, China, Europe, and the USA, he presents the lithophone in different contexts. In one-on-one collaborations with Swiss violinist Bettina Boller, Japanese trumpet player Kondo Toshinori, and New Orleans drummer Johnny Vidacovich, he seeks transdisciplinary reflection, and interaction between time, music, tradition, innovation, improvisation, geology, and electronics.

In an interview, he talks about the motivation of his work.

CoLaboRadio; Berlin

OPEN AIR RECORDING; Menzingen Switzerland

Alphorn: Roland Dahinden
Sounddesigne: Andrew Phillips
Lithophon / EFX: Simon Berz

LITHOPHON installation 2009
rocks from the french alps, infusion bags

For installation purposes, he lets water drop from infusion bags in various speeds, creating a complex and meditative sound piece.