Simon Berz
found-object electro-jazz wizard

In difficult times to conceive live music, we're happy to organize a special evening with two amazing musicians.
Amsterdam based guitarist Andy Moor - UK/NL (The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans) is teaming up with Simon Berz CH (Fell Trio, Liquid Land) to play at Walchelturm, Zürich. The set will see both musicians playing their own shows and then jamming together for a unique improv finale.

Andy Moor, guitarist of legendary post-punk group The Ex, has made a name as an original guitarist in the avant-garde of improvisation thanks to his unmistakable sound. His solo performances are often compelling explorations of moody soundscapes. His collection of photographs of Lebanon, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and the US create a flow that unifies them in an uninterrupted gaze. Seen through a train window or from the back of a taxi the photographs are made in passing, and that is maybe what explains how musical they feel, like small improvisations on a theme that just crossed Moor’s field of vision.

The slide show is an ongoing project where the selection of images will evolve through time. The slow-paced images operate in the solo performances as a way of taking the attention away from him standing alone on stage with his guitar. The collection also shows a sensitive visual world that is a counterpoint to Andy Moor’s music and a backdrop to his practice as a musician.

Simon Berz has evolved as drummer and multitalented sound artist who is constantly inspired by nature's energy. From its gifts, he crafts instruments to emphasise the listening experience in his sound installations and performances. His art surrounds the ongoing question whether there is a culture for hope, whether it is possible to experiment and wave nature, people and music with all their faults and imperfections into collective experiences. The word Klang in German, central to Simon's art, is onomatopoeic, and could somehow sum up his received relationship with the world, from the search for beautiful Icelandic vulcano stones electronically amplified, to his own self-made bathtub with water rocks from the Blenio Valley in Canton Ticino where he is currently based.
He has worked and played in the USA, Cuba, Iceland, Türkey und throughout Europe, collaborating, amongst others, with Toshinori Kondo, Kidd Jordan, Sku?li Sverrisson, Kirk Joseph, Rob Mazurek, Mars Williams, James Singelton, Jeff Albert, Dan Oestreicher, Aurora Nealand, Paul Lowens, Rob Cambre, Helen Gillet, James Singelton, Xu Fengxia, Willem Schulz, Niki Glaspie, Franz Hautzinger, Isabelle Duthoit, Dave Rempis, Jojo Mayer, Bettina Boller.
Recent notable projects is the New Orleans based spoken word - jazz Liquid Land together with guitarist Rob Cambre and poet Moos Jackson, and the "Kulturschärpe" prize for his drumming school Badabum.

In collaboration with Human Kind Records

Upcoming shows:

Andy Moor git (The Ex Holland)
Simon Berz dr / efx
Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich 21 Uhr

3.12.2020 Simon Berz Dada Global Pudel
Moods Zürich 20.30 Uhr

13.12.2020 SIMON BERZ; SEDIMENT Solo
Kunsthaus Zofingen

24.12.2020 WUNDERBAR
Landsgemeindeplatz Zug


Friday, March 13, 2020
Kevin Scott, Brad Walker, Brai Seeger, Simon Berz

Recorded in New Orleans on Friday, March 13, 2020 at the Sidebar SCATTERJAZZ series, this show was the first ever collaboration between these four musicians. In fact, some of us had never even met before that night.

Earlier this day, the mayor of New Orleans had announced that all bars and restaurants had to close at midnight (shortly after that, a complete closure of bars was enacted). Such a closure had never happened in New Orleans in 180 years. While the band set up, the energy in the room was palpably depressing as the musicians were confronted with deep existential questions. But, as you will hear, when the music started all of that was blown away and the night became all about music, interaction, listening and love.

Support the Sidebar New Orleans and the musicians! THANK YOU!

Opening of a train station
Ambient; 2004

upcoming releases:

LIQUID LAND TRIO; Simon Berz, Moose Jackson, Rob Cambre

TROPF; sound-art release Simon Berz DUMPF RECORDS, Berlin 2021

SHIFTED ERUPTION; Simon Berz feat. Skulli Sverrisson ART Edition; 2020