Upcoming shows:

3. JULI 20:00
Simon Berz / Marblewood / We Believe in Hyperspace
Walcheturm Zürich

4. JULI 19:00
Tobias Preisig / Valentin Baumgartner / Simon Berz
Werkstatt · Baden AG

10. JULI. 20:00
Rote Fabrik Aktionshalle
Bit-Tuner live
Simon Grab & la Gale
Simon Grab & Flo Götte
Simon Grab & Simon Berz
Intro, outro &In-Betweens: Ink!

"HOMEMADE 2020 - Soirée finale aux Fours à Chaux"
Samedi, 8 août, 18h - 24h
Concerts de sons experimentaux, synthétiseurs électroniques DIY et prototypes mécatroniques.

21. August - 31. August
Torre Dangio Val Blenio
22.8.2020 Camilla Sparkass (voc, turntable efx) & Simon Berz (voc, drums efx) 9pm
Sounds for the Silentfilm: South von Frank Hurley, 1919, 1h 20 min

29.8.2020 Gabriel Obergfell, Tanz & Simon Berz (voc, drums efx) 7:30pm
Dance and music performance at the river of Adula next to the CIMA NORMA

Elektroakustik- und Videoperformance Timo Ullmann / Simon Berz
Eck – Raum für Kunst
Ecke Metzgergasse/Zollrain
5000 Aarau

29.9.2020 TV 8pm ARD SRF ORF TATORT
Music by Ephrem Lüchinger and Stones Sounds from Simon Berz

23.10.2020 Special show of BADABUM Atelier

13.12.2020 SIMON BERZ; SEDIMENT Solo
Kunsthaus Zofingen

24.12.2020 WUNDERBAR
Landsgemeindeplatz Zug

Friday, March 13, 2020
Shutdown Live at SIDEBAR

Recorded in New Orleans on Friday, March 13, 2020 at the Sidebar SCATTERJAZZ series, this show was the first ever collaboration between these four musicians. In fact, some of us had never even met before that night.

Earlier this day, the mayor of New Orleans had announced that all bars and restaurants had to close at midnight (shortly after that, a complete closure of bars was enacted). Such a closure had never happened in New Orleans in 180 years. While the band set up, the energy in the room was palpably depressing as the musicians were confronted with deep existential questions. But, as you will hear, when the music started all of that was blown away and the night became all about music, interaction, listening and love.

Support the Sidebar New Orleans and the musicians! THANK YOU!

upcoming releases:
SOLO LP Simon Berz BLAU BLAU RECORDS January 2021

LIQUID LAND; Simon Berz, Moose Jackson, Rob Cambre BLAU BLAU RECORDS CH

TROPF; sound-art release Simon Berz DUMPF RECORDS, Berlin 2020

SHIFTED ERUPTION; Simon Berz feat. Skulli Sverrisson, 2020