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"SOL-O-NE act of living" with Yuko Kaseki
18. Februar 18:00-20:00
Solo Presentation Simon Berz @ Studio 2 Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin Kreuzberg

Vernissage 16. März 2024 16 Uhr
Kunsthaus Zofingen Schweiz

Hier! Jetzt!
Daniel Bracher, Christina Gähler, Susanne Lemberg, Samuel Peyer

16. März 2024 20 Uhr
OXIL Zofingen TectonicA Simon Berz/Herlambang


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Simon Grab & Simon Berz
Simon Grab and Simon Berz, both rooted in improvised noisy experimental music, share a common love for maximised madness in sound and energy.

Our music is driven by the ongoing global disaster, expressing the last moments of human failure - a call to action for solidarity, for social and ecological responsibility.

Kondo Toshinori / Bill Laswell / Simon Berz

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